Friday, 8 April 2011

more on anti eyebrow (surface eye piercing)


Below the lower orbit of the eye, on the edge of the cheekbone region of the cheek.


The area to be pierced should be carefully considered prior to performing this piercing. Facial nerves and muscles should be pinched and manipulated to insure the ideal placement. The piercing can be done with the standard clamp and pierce method or with the newer dermal punch and taper method, adopted by several piercers in the last few years.
Given proper placement the pain is minimal.

Healing and aftercare

Surface piercings are best healed with warm salt water soaks and hot compresses to ensure that fluid doesn't get trapped in the centre of the piercing. An Anti-eyebrow kept free of irritation may heal in a few months but can bruise easily with a good knock due to the proximity to the eye and softness of the skin. Improper jewelry selection and anatomical placement will usually lead to rejection. It is advised that an experienced piercer with knowledge of custom jewelry do this piercing.

Long term health issues

With proper placement and jewelry, this is a viable long-term piercing.


Custom bent surface bars are the ideal jewelry for this piercing. Some people have success with a curved barbell or L shaped bars but surface bars are generally recommended, as with any surface piercing. Most piercees will not need to get shorter or resized jewellery after the healing process unless they have experienced migration.

Alternative Names

  • High Cheek Piercing
  • Teardrop Piercing
  • Tears

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