Saturday, 9 April 2011

Are All Piercings Attractive? Do Men Like Them?

I personally don't find any females pretty that have piercings in any other places other than on their ear lobe. For lots of however a tongue piercing can be alluring, if the suitor is pretty. There's lots of females out there who do have a ridiculous amount of piercings, but if used in the correct way then there is definitely a market out there for piercings on females. The punk chick look is in, with the likes of soft rock singer in pink leading the way. Some piercings can promote promiscuity; a view is taken by some that in the event that they are loose to mask their face with piercings then they may well be loose to sleep around. That is a very vague & inaccurate misconception however, because obviously what a woman has pierced says nothing about her morals & values.

Are piercings pretty for men & females to wear, or are they merely annoying distractions from what a person's true appearance is. Nose & lip piercings are attributed a lot to the Gothic realms of society, but it is increasingly common nowadays for all members of society to don a stud somewhere on their body. In fact the increasingly they venture in to the time of free speech & liberation, people are beginning to run out of places to get piercings. A piercing on the ear lobe can be seen as classy but aside from that it is seen as a bit radical & alternative. Can these be seen as pretty?

Piercings are fashionable at the moment however, along with tattoos & the assumption that piercings will only become more common in modern society. This means that if more of us have piercings, then surely more of us are going to be finding people with piercings pretty. So even if there's some individuals who think piercings are hideous & are not pretty to girls, all of us must acknowledge the fact that there's lots of girls who are pretty not only because of the way they look naturally, but the way in which they accessorize their piercings in order to look pretty. It will always divide opinion but & everybody has a different view of what is pretty so who are they to judge anyone for their taste. In the event that they need their nipple pierced or even anywhere more radical, then that is their choice & there is anyone out there who is looking for that.

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