Saturday, 9 April 2011

Your Cool Guide To Eyebrow Piercings.

Ear lobe and cartilage are not the only places that can be pierced in one ear, the center is not the only place that can be drilled in a tongue and eyebrow is not the only place that can be drilled, yes, an eyebrow. Before we begin, we will clarify one of the most common myths about eyebrow piercings, one that says half your face numb so badly punctured. This is especially bad. For your face to go numb, the nerves would be affected. Bundles of nerves tend to accumulate near the bones and muscles. An eyebrow piercing is a piercing surface, if done well, is just under the skin and should never go so deep that it is near the muscle or bone.

A typical eyebrow piercing is pierced with a vertical angle of hair, everywhere along the ridge. According to, "the place to pierce the eyebrow is at 35 degrees to the outer corner of the eye, but can be pierced anywhere along the eyebrow from directly above the eye, the edge of the eyebrow." They take about 6-8 weeks to heal, and because they are penetrating the surface, are in danger migration (which occurs when the piercing moves from its original position, is down, little by little, time, or the body has rejected a foreign object and tries to push it out). barbell or captive bead rings are suitable for the standard eyebrow piercing jewelry.

Anti-eyebrow piercing (sometimes called "Tear Drop) is essentially a piercing, where the brow should be, if the face was upside down and his eyebrows were under the eye, rather than above them. It 's also a surface piercing appears to be adorning the cheek instead of the eye. As such, it should also be used for the surface instead of the barbell.

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